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Hello Mr. Wang -- You and I have not met at this point, BUT I have had a recent interaction with one of your people that compelled me to ask for your name and write to you describing my experience. A bit of history on me -- I'm a traveling businessman from Arizona and I regularly get to various parts of the US on my travels. I often stay in hotels and quite dependent on my ability to connect with my laptop computer for both business and personal use. My laptop is equipped with BOTH a wired type "wireless" connection as well as a wireless card so that I can take advantage of either option as needed. In the past year or so, I've stayed at many hotels that offer a true "wireless" connection and have tried numerous times through their technical support lines to be able to use the wireless capability. Unfortunately, NO ONE has been able to make my wireless function properly. I have always had to resort to used a "bridge" and then the connection works well. On Tuesday evening, I checked into the Embassy Suites in East Syracuse, NY. Once again (as usual) I tried connecting to no avail and then called the front desk to ask for a "bridge". Well, they said they only had wireless cards available for guest use. When I told them, I already had such a card, they tried to assure me that's what I needed. So, I went down to the front desk to find out if we had a terminology problem, unfortunately, we didn't. They wanted to lend me a card like the one I already had. However, they gave me the phone number of their technical support. I MUST SAY that given my other experiences with such efforts, I was NOT optimistic, but tried anyhow. That's when I got Fran on the phone. She made several attempts to resolve the issue, but did NOT want to "give up". Each time she was patient with me and walked me through what she wanted me to do. After the third new thing we tried, she asked me to look at one more setting and then was able to get me to connect. Needless to say, I was impressed. She had been able to accomplish something that at least 5 or 6 of her so called "peers" were unable to do. I ask that you publicly recognize Fran for me. She not only exhibited great patience in walking a "user" through the changes to be made, but her technical knowledge as well. She is certainly exemplary of the kind of support that is welcomed by the traveling public. Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. Please pass on my thanks to Fran for a job WELL DONE. She is an asset to your organization.

Jim ColosimoTucson, Arizona

Dear Sir, This is the second time this year I've used your service as a business traveler while staying at a hotel. Last night, I was having trouble signing on to the service, and called the help line. I was assisted by an amazing young woman named Angel, from the Philippines. My reference # was 193477. She was outstanding, patient, and very helpful. She even called me back twice, since I had to go to work, to make sure that everything was working properly for me. Just wanted someone to know what a great job she is doing for you, and how much I appreciate the high speed access. Thank you.

Chris FettigExecutive Producer, Christopher Alan Productions

Dear Ken, This is to acknowledge the great service I received by phone from your technician Kurt. I've been at my hotel for three days and I must have spent hours and hours trying to connect to the internet using a wireless connection. I had my own card which worked only intermittently and then the hotel gave me a card that they give to their guests and it still did not work. I called Golden Tree and spoke at length to Kurt. He was kind and generous with his time, help and advice. After more than an hour of troubleshooting, Kurt finally helped me to connect to the www. Throughout the process, he explained everything we did together and offered kind words when things seemed to work. He made me feel as if I had done it all when in fact it was he who found a way around the labyrinth of complicated settings. He was gentle, professional and patient. I wish he could be on the other end of the line every time I have connection problems. Good job, Kurt!

Irene SassoonGuest Springhill Suites

Typically when I call a Helpdesk I become so frustrated that my first inclination is to curse the tech and slam the receiver down but I have to commend the young ladies that handled my connectivity issues this evening. Unfortunately I am very poor with names so unless they bear my mother's moniker I will just refer to the applicable case numbers. Thanks to both of the professionals that assisted with case #'s C164277 and C164263 for the Troy, MI Marriott I am sure that the next tech (any company / anywhere) that I contact will return me to the normalcy of being angered and frustrated in the near future. But to be balanced I want to acknowledge good service in the same vein that I react to poor service.

Anton SimpsonSr. Auditor, Business Risk Services

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