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Employee Spotlight | Kurt Villaluna

As one of the longest serving team members, Kurt Villaluna embodies what he calls CallTek’s “renegade culture” with his attitude and ability to take on most any challenge.  

When Kurt began as a tier one representative 17 years ago, the company only had 50 employees in our Cebu office. Over the years he has helped CallTek grow from an industry HSIA secret to a favorite global leader for anything IP and network related. As Supervisor of Escalations and Special Projects, Kurt assembles and leads teams that specialize in developing new technology and complex installations.  

One of his most proud moments was the launch of the first version of the COSMOS Network Monitoring System in 2013. Kurt was an integral part of the team and helped create the system’s front-end application and network design. He still lends his talents to COSMOS on the network side of the application. 

It’s rare to find such longevity in employees these days – especially in technology. Kurt loves his work and stays with CallTek because of the company’s family culture and personal touch. “Tony and CallTek are always there for us during life’s personal ups and downs,” says Kurt.  

Kurt’s claim to fame demonstrates his dedication to CallTek and our customers. During the catastrophic Typhoon of December 2021, Kurt drove 137km through the storm debris, dodging fallen trees and electrical lines, to restore the CallTek network. He personally is responsible for keeping our Cebu team working from home to support customers around the world.  Now that’s a renegade.