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Your White Label Support Company

Your White Label Support Company

NOC & IOT Monitoring

CallTek provides smart/IOT device monitoring services that go beyond standard ICT infrastructure such as Set-top Boxes (STB), Battery Systems, Microwave Radios, Refrigerators, CCTV cameras, HVAC and EMD (environmental monitoring devices).

Our 24/7 Outsourced Network Management, Monitoring and IT services is a comprehensive around-the-clock monitoring solution that safeguards remote systems by continuously monitoring customers networks & devices for service alerts, suspicious behaviors and error messages that lead to downtime or failure.

CallTek’s team of specialized engineers and technicians will monitor and perform remote diagnostics to your network infrastructure 24/7 with network operations center software, to ensure maximum uptime, quality of service and performance.

Network Operation Center

CallTek’s team of CCNA, CompTIA and Linux administrators will monitor your network infrastructure 24/7, to ensure maximum uptime, quality of service and performance.

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Managing Network Devices

Configuration and maintenance of firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, hubs, etc.

Managing Network Performance

Monitor network thresholds, manage and administer network usage effectively. Detect network degradation before it impacts service level. Provide visibility of spare capacity and utilization trends

Network Fault Management

Optimizing the detection, performing root cause analysis, isolation and streamlining of alarms coupled to the problem resolution process. Accurate determination of fault and its location,results in improved meantime to repair at reduced cost.

Technical and Management Reporting

Event and Log analysis, watch lists,recommendations and more.

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