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Your White Label Support Company

Your White Label Support Company

Your on-site intelligent solution for proactive network monitoring, defense against outages, security breaches and device deployment.

CallTek’s Scout is an on-premise device which actively gathers data and scans the network for potential issues, opportunities and trends. This intelligent device is managed using CallTek’s Cosmos cloud application to proactively monitor your network and instantly alerting you to any possible changes or problems.

The device is compatible with all major network monitoring systems.

SCOUT empowers operators to effortlessly manage configurations, schedule tasks, deploy infrastructure, monitor devices, and discover networks—all within a single comprehensive feature set.


Configuration Management

  • View and manage configuration changes with a detailed history log.
  • Compare configurations across different ‘show’ commands for easy analysis
  • Search configurations quickly with lightning- fast search capabilities
  • Rollback configurations based on specific criteria, such as Click OR Hover rules.

Network Task Scheduling

  • Schedule automated network tasks with a flexible and user-friendly scheduling system.

Infrastructure Deployment Support

  • Deploy newly provisioned network devices with predefined config templates based on business lines, site IDs, and product SKUs..
  • Utilize Cosmos (Ansible) and central CRM integration for seamless deployment of new infrastructure devices.
  • Support 4G hotspots for automatic equipment configuration on-site to streamline technician workflows.

Connected Device Monitoring

  • Monitor devices with third-party NMS clients (Solarwinds, Zabbix, NagiosXL,Data dog, OpsManager)
  • Collect SNMP bandwidth data and extra data with configurable settings.
  • Monitor satellite devices and receive notifications on threshold violations.
  • Backup device configurations for added security and maintenance.

Cosmos Performance Monitoring

  • Self-monitoring capabilities for enhanced performance tracking.
  • Remote execution of SNMPWalk, iPref, and Ping commands.
  • Manage Cosmos network VPN settings and network certificate configurations seamlessly
  • Streamline IPC network certificate management with integrated tool.

Plug and Play Discovery

  • Use cellular hotspots and ethernet splitters for effortless management VLAN interrogation.
  • Discover networks using Promiscuous ARP, SNMP, and LDAP protocols for comprehensive network visibility.

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