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Your White Label Support Company

Your White Label Support Company

Odyssey CX

Odyssey CX Software Testing System helps QA departments by listening to customer conversations and analyzes how people feel during their call center encounter. This enables customer experience teams to sift through thousands of calls systematically in order to find encounters with customer experiences that are below expectation.

QA Services

Our Software Testing Solutions Team provides Training and Coaching to ensure continuous improvement of the team’s performance.

We work hard to ensure the following values are consistently met:


  • 3 P’s (Patient, Polite, Professional)
  • Empowered to create unique and personalized experiences for customers
  • Create a work environment of teamwork and service for the needs of our customers and each other
  • Ability to continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve Job Knowledge
  • Own and immediately resolve customer problems
  • Protect confidential information and assets of the company, clients and customers


QA audits call recordings, tickets, and emails and record evaluation results in QIS; CallTek’s QA platform. QIS provides results to staff and a balanced scorecard to clients.