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Employee Spotlight | Peter Degn

CallTek Project Manager – Security

Peter Degn joined the CallTek team in 2020 and has quickly proven to be one our most valuable assets in keeping our client’s systems secure and functioning properly. Based in Antalya, Turkey; the cyber-security expert manages a team of 10 engineers around the world to monitor more than 250,000 network endpoints and a few hundred Windows Servers utilizing Wazuh and CallTek’s proprietary COSMOS platform. 

Before joining CallTek, Peter was trusted with securing the vital networks of European banks on behalf of IBM. He has also served as White Hat cyber-security advisor for a variety of notable companies and for the Danish television station, DiggiNet. 

Peter enjoys working at CallTek because of the constant challenges and opportunity to continue to gain knowledge of new technology.  Although he is located around the globe from many of his colleagues, Peter feels like his fellow team members are family and he enjoys learning about the other cultures of his work “family”. 

According to Peter, “Even on a bad day – we are still smiling at CallTek.”