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Employee Spotlight | Stacy Kinkar

Stacy Kinkar serves CallTek’s clients as a NOC Program Manager based in Nagpar, India.  As a manager of 33 team members, she has quickly embraced the CallTek corporate culture of inclusivity and diversity in a supportive team environment.  She holds a Mtec in wireless communication and computing as well as a Six Sigma green belt. 

With offices in six countries, CallTek’s teams are often in multiple locations. Stacy has created an effective team by paying several visits to team members in Cebu, increasing communication and creating a opportunities to explore each person’s concerns. One of her suggestions for running an effective remote team is paying attention to all forms of communication including facial expressions and body language of each person during video calls. 

As a relatively new employee with a little more than a year of experience at CallTek, Stacy likes many of the differences she has experienced in this time. 

“CallTek has a high number of women in management and higher positions which makes me feel encouraged and inspired. Its wonderful working for a company where each employee is valued and our concerns and suggestions matter,” says Stacy.  

Since starting with CallTek, Stacy has had the opportunity to visit the Philippines for the first time.  She highly recommends Filipino food, especially the variety of salads and the roasted pork dish Lechon.  These are good tips for when you visit the CallTek offices.